Anvendt materiale (til brug for Copydan):

David Lodge. Nice Work. London: Penguin Books, 1990.

Podcast: BBC Sounds. “39 Ways to save the Planet - Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Favourite Ways to Save the Planet”. BBC website, October 29, 2021. Viewed April 2023. (

Lauren Groff. To the Man I Believe Was Good”. Ed. Colleen Kinder. Letter to a Stranger. Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2021.

Martha Lane Fox. Light Switch”. Ed. Scarlett Curtis. It's Not OK to Feel Blue and Other Lies. London: Penguin Books, 2019.

Boris Johnson. Prime Minister’s letter to the England Women’s Football Team”. Government UK website, July 31, 2022. Viewed April 2023.

Ben Halls. “Exams”. The Quarry. London: Dialogue Books, 2020.

Matthew McConaughey. “Matthew McConaughey’s White House speech on gun violence”. USA Today website, June 8, 2022. Viewed April 2023.

Video. “Matthew McConaughey delivers emotional speech on gun reform at White House”. YouTube website, June 7, 2022. Viewed April 2023. (

Assignment 5B - Non-fiction

  1. Write a short summary of the speech “Matthew McConaughey’s White House speech on gun violence” in about 125 words.

  2. Write an analytical essay (600-900 words) about the speech. Your essay must focus on how Matthew McConaughey engages the audience. Discuss briefly his solutions to end gun violence in America.

Include the following analytical terms in your essay:
style, intention, receivers

Your essay must include references to the text.


Matthew McConaughey, “Matthew McConaughey’s White House speech”, 2022.

Watch this short video as an introduction to the text.

Assignment 5A - Fiction

  1. Write a short summary of Ben Halls’ short story “Exams” in about 125 words.

  2. Write an analytical essay (600-900 words) in which you analyse and interpret the short story. Your essay must focus on the relationship between the characters.

Include the following analytical terms in your essay:
main theme, setting, narrative technique

Your essay must include references to the text.


Ben Halls, “Exams, 2020.

Assignment 5

  • Answer 5A or 5B

Assignment 4

Besvar både opgave a. og b.

Nedenstående brev er fra daværende premierminister Boris Johnson til det britiske kvindefodboldlandshold. Brevet er sendt om morgenen den dag, hvor landsholdet spillede finalekampen i europamesterskabet.

a. Beskriv kort den sproglige stil i teksten, fx med hensyn til ordvalg og sætningsopbygning. Brug eksempler fra teksten. Skriv dit svar på dansk.
b. Write a reply from the captain of the football team, Leah Williamson, to Boris Johnson (50-75 words) in formal and grammatically correct English.
								LONDON SW1A 2AA
								31 July 2022
									Dear Sarina, Leah and the England TEAM
									On behalf of the whole country, I want to wish you all the very best of luck in today's final.
									Your passion for the game, your tenacity in tricky spots and above all your astounding talent on the pitch have already created a summer of fantastic memories for millions of us.
									You can see it in the sold-out stadia, in the packed fan zones, in the small children dancing wildly to Sweet Caroline and the TV Viewing figures that have seen records crumbling almost as comprehensively as Sweden's defence did in the semi-final.
									In any pride it is the lionesses who ruthlessly hunt as a team and bring their prize back home, and I am sure that will be the case against Germany.
									But whatever happens at Wembley this evening, I know that, come tomorrow morning, the pitches and playgrounds and parks of this country will be filled as never before with girls and women who know beyond any shadow of a doubt that football is not just for boys - it really is for anyone.
									That is all down to you and what you have already achieved. And so, when the referee's whistle blows tonight, I hope that you are every bit as proud of yourselves as England is of you.
									Good luck to you all!

Assignment 3

The sentences below, which are from two different texts, have been jumbled.

Connect the sentences so that they form two coherent texts.

  1. my place, that there was something malign there.
  2. serious car crash in 2004 changed my life forever.
  3. but not a complete rebuild of my pelvis, arms and legs.
  4. Palermo was no place for me, would never be  
  5. isn’t how I imagined myself in my mid forties. An
  6. of Campari in my mouth, I understood that
  7. the end I never went with you, because, between 
  8. Yet this is the body I inhabit after a monumentally
  9. I see it all so clearly, though in 
  10. expanding waistline and some wrinkles, sure,
  11. the bitterness of coffee and the bitterness
  12. A body covered in scars and a walking stick as an accessory

Assignment 2

Lyt til podcasten. Besvar opgave a., b. og c. på baggrund af podcasten. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. Husk kildehenvisning, hvis du citerer fra en grammatikbog. Skriv dit svar på dansk.

a. Find og skriv fem adjektiver (tillægsord), og gradbøj dem, hvor det er muligt, i 1., 2. og 3. grad. Forklar reglerne for gradbøjning. Inddrag alle dine eksempler i din forklaring af reglerne. Angiv minuttal for hvert adjektiv.
b. Find og skriv tre forskellige verballed (udsagnsled) i tre forskellige grammatiske tider. Skriv, hvilken grammatisk tid verballeddet tilhører. Angiv minuttal for hvert verballed.
c. Find og skriv tre forskellige personlige pronominer (stedord). Angiv minuttal for hvert pronomen.

Assignment 1

Find alle verberne (udsagnsordene) i præsens (nutid) i nedenstående tekst, og omskriv dem til præteritum (datid). Skriv hele teksten som dit svar, og markér verberne tydeligt som i eksemplet.

Eksempel: This has become a regular occurrence...
This had become a regular occurrence...

It is Monday January 13th, 1986. Victor Wilcox lies awake, in the dark bedroom, waiting for his quartz alarm clock to beep. It is set to do this at 6.45. How long he has to wait he doesn’t know. He can easily find out by groping for the clock, lifting it to his line of vision, and pressing the button that illuminates the digital display. But he prefers not to know. Supposing it is only six o’clock? Or even five? Whatever it is, he will not be able to get to sleep again. This has become a regular occurrence lately: lying awake in the dark, waiting for the alarm to bleep, worrying.

Worries streak towards him like enemy spaceships in one of Gary’s video games. He flinches, dodges, zaps them with instant solutions, but the assault is endless: the Avo account, the Rawlinson account, the annual review… […]

In an effort to escape this bombardment, perhaps even to doze awhile, he twists onto his side, burrows into the warm plump body of his wife, and throws an arm around her waist. Startled, but still asleep, drugged with Valium, Marjorie swivels to face him. Their noses and foreheads bump against each other; there is a sudden flurry of limbs, an absurd pantomime struggle. Marjorie puts up her fist like a pugilist, groans and pushes him away. An object slides off the bed on her side and falls to the floor with a thump. Victor knows what it is.

David Lodge, Nice Work, 1990

Henvisninger til tekst, video- og lydklip

Hvis du citerer, skal du angive kilde.
Alt anvendt materiale skal være engelsksproget og angives med kildehenvisninger. Til forklaring af grammatiske opgaver kan materialerne være på dansk.
Du kan henvise til dele af video- og lydklip, f.eks. ved at angive afspillerens minut- og sekundtal for henholdsvis starten og slutningen af klippet.

Generel skabelon for henvisninger til tekster


Du henviser til tekster ved enten 1) at angive linjenummeret eller minuttalsangivelsen i en fodnote eller ved 2) at sætte linjenummeret eller minuttalsangivelsen i parentes inde i din tekst:

Ved én linje: l. 34

Ved flere linjer: ll. 35-37

Ved minuttalsangivelse: 01:23-02:12

I fodnoter angives:

Opslag i bog

“Hvad er et ‘utælleligt ord’?”. Helle Brieghel og Dorthe Chalotte Hansen. Engelsk Grundgrammatik. Questions and Answers. Systime 2010. p. 47.

Opslag i elektronisk opslagsværk

“Utællelige substantiver”. Thomas Boesen og Sarah Barding. Engram. Minlaering 2019. (

Artikel fra bog eller antologi

“Post-Modernism”. Gitte Vest Barkholt and Jørgen Døssing Jepsen. A Short History of Literature in English. A Handbook. Systime 2010. pp. 79-93.

Tekster i opgavesættet

Teksternes ortografi og tegnsætning følger forlæggene. Trykfejl er dog rettet.
Opsætningen følger ikke nødvendigvis forlæggene. Dog følges forlægget nøje, hvor opsætningen på den ene eller anden måde indgår i opgaven.

Vejledning til opgavesættet

Du skal besvare følgende opgaver: 

  • Assignment 1-5
  • I Assignment 5 skal du vælge A eller B

Tekster til Assignment 5:
5A – Fiction: “Exams”, a short story by Ben Halls, 2020.
5B – Non-fiction: “Matthew McConaughey’s White House speech on gun violence”, a speech by Matthew McConaughey, 2022.

Vejledning og skabelon til at løse opgaven
Den samlede eksaminationstid for Assignment 1-5 er 5 timer. Besvarelsen bedømmes som en helhed ud fra de faglige mål for niveauet. Der lægges vægt på beherskelsen af det engelske sprog, forståelse af forlægget og færdighed i skriftlig fremstilling på engelsk.

Det anbefales, at du skriver din besvarelse i skabelonen, som ligger under Template i menuen til venstre. Besvarelsen afleveres i ét dokument med opgaverne i rækkefølgen 1-5.

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