Anvendt materiale (til brug for Copydan):

Delia Owens. Where the Crawdads Sing. London: Corsair, 2018.

“Why its not always as simple as TikToks dating advice ’if he wanted to, he would’”, Rachel Thompson, Mashable website, November 27, 2020. Viewed October 2022. (

Video. “The Queen’s speech at the COP26 Evening Reception”. Youtube website, November 1, 2021. Viewed October 2022. (

Image credit: Bettmann/CORBIS “Cooling off with fire hydrants”. Daily Mail website, May 27, 2013. Viewed October 2022. (

Jen Knox. “Salt”. Medium website, November 2019. Viewed October 2022. (

Sarfraz Manzoor. THEY. London: Wildfire, Headline Publishing Group, 2021.

Video. “Sarfraz Manzoor confronts preconceptions about British Muslims”. Youtube website, August 19, 2021. Viewed October 2022. (

Assignment 5B

  1. Write a short summary of the excerpt from the memoir THEY by Sarfraz Manzoor in about 125 words.
  1. Write an analytical essay (600-900 words) about the excerpt. Your essay must focus on Sarfraz Manzoor’s use of personal experience. Discuss briefly if Sarfraz Manzoor’s vision for the future of Britain as a harmonious multicultural society is realistic.

    Include the following analytical terms in your essay:
    receivers, language, sender

Your essay must include references to the text.

As an introduction to the text, watch this short video in which the author talks about the events that led him to write THEY.


Sarfraz Manzoor, THEY, an excerpt from a memoir published in 2021.

Assignment 5A

  1. Write a short summary of Jen Knox’ short story “Salt” in about 125 words.

  2. Write an analytical essay (600-900 words) in which you analyse and interpret the short story. Your essay must focus on the main character.

Include the following analytical terms in your essay:
narrative technique, conflict, setting

Your essay must include references to the text.


Jen Knox, Salt, 2019.

Assignment 5

  • Answer 5A or 5B

Assignment 4

Write a text (50-75 words) to match the photo.

In your text you must use the progressive tense (udvidet tid) at least twice, and you must include at least five different adjectives (tillægsord). Underline the examples of the progressive tense and the adjectives in your text.

Assignment 3

I nedenstående video taler Queen Elizabeth II om sit syn på klimakrisen. Videotalen blev holdt i forbindelse med COP26 i Glasgow, Skotland i 2021.

Se videoen, og angiv, hvilken ordklasse de nedenstående ord tilhører ud fra sammenhængen. Find ét synonym til hvert af de nedenstående ord ud fra den betydning, de har i sammenhængen. Synonymet må kun bestå af ét enkelt ord.

delighted (0:06)

fitting (0:14)

discharge (0:29)

impact (0:30)

well (0:42)

gathering (0:47)

intolerable (0:59)

pale (1:07)

especially (1:38)

objective (1:50)

Assignment 2

Besvar opgave a., b. og c. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. Husk kildehenvisning, hvis du citerer fra en grammatikbog. Skriv dit svar på dansk.

a. Find og skriv fire forskellige typer pronominer (stedord) fra linje 1-6. Angiv for hvert pronomen, hvilken type pronomen det er.
b. Find og skriv to forskellige konjunktioner (bindeord) fra linje 8-12. Forklar, hvorvidt konjunktionerne er underordnende eller sideordnende.
c. I teksten er fire adverbier (biord) understreget i linje 14-26. Angiv for hvert adverbium, hvad det lægger sig til.

We’ve all had moments where we needed a cold hard dose of reality to help us move on

from someone who wasn’t matching our energy, and wasn’t treating us the way we’d like

to be treated. When it comes to situations like that, this kind of dating advice can be

helpful, if delivered in the right way. But there are also times when someone you really like

or love pulls away from you and the last thing you need to hear is that it’s because they

didn’t feel any desire to pursue you. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. […]

From my own perspective, there have been times in my life when I wanted to reach out to

someone I was dating but didn’t. Those reasons were: having feelings for someone else,

not feeling ready to move on, recognising I have some work to do on myself before getting

in to something, not wanting a relationship at that moment in time, and a fear of being


I was thinking about my behaviour from a few years ago. I was trying to move on from a

relationship that had long ended. I was struggling to shake off the feelings I had for the

person and I thought that meeting someone new would make any love for him evaporate

instantly. Naive, I know, but we live and learn. I opened Bumble and arranged

back-to-back dates over consecutive nights. Amid a few rather laughably bad dates,

there was one gem. The guy was kind, funny, smart, handsome, he had a cool job, and,

crucially, he liked me. On our first date, we realised we’d both gone to the

same school and had grown up near one another. It felt too good to be true. At one point

in the date, he asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat, I felt a tug inside me that

told me to leave, that I was getting too close to someone new. While getting ready for our

second date, I had a panic attack because I was afraid he would try to kiss me. At this

moment, I knew I wasn’t ready for any of this. After the second date, we mutually agreed

to call it quits because there didn’t seem to be anything beyond friendship between us.

“Why it’s not always as simple as TikTok’s dating advice ‘if he wanted to, he would’”,
Rachel Thompson, Mashable website, 2020

Assignment 1

Find alle verberne (udsagnsordene) i præteritum (datid) i nedenstående tekst, og omskriv dem til præsens (nutid). Skriv hele teksten som dit svar, og markér verberne tydeligt som i eksemplet.

Eksempel: She increased throttle and…

She increases throttle and…

She increased throttle and turned her boat toward his, all the while scanning the sea to make sure his friends were out of sight. Chase motioned her north past Barkley Cove – the village serene and colorful in the distance – and landed on the beach of a small bay tucked in deep forest. After securing the boats, he led her down an overgrown path of wax myrtle and prickly holly. She’d never been to this watery and rooty forest, because it stood on the other side of the village and was too close to people. As they walked, thin runnels of backwater seeped under the brush – slinky reminders that the sea owned this land.

Then a true swamp settled deep with its low-earth smell and fusty air. Sudden, subtle and silent all at once, it stretched into the mouth of the dark receding forest. Kya saw the weathered wooden platform of the abandoned fire tower above the canopy, and a few minutes later, they arrived at its straddle-legged base, made of rough-cut poles. Black mud oozed around the legs and under the tower, and damp rot ate its way along the beams. After crossing the sludge, they started the climb, Chase leading. By the fifth switchback, the rounded oak forests tumbled west as far as they could see. In every other direction, slipstreams wove through brilliant green grass to the sea. Kya had never been this high above the marsh.

Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing, 2018

Henvisninger til tekst, video- og lydklip

Hvis du citerer, skal du angive kilde.
Alt anvendt materiale skal være engelsksproget og angives med kildehenvisninger. Til forklaring af grammatiske opgaver kan materialerne være på dansk.
Du kan henvise til dele af video- og lydklip, f.eks. ved at angive afspillerens minut- og sekundtal for henholdsvis starten og slutningen af klippet.

Generel skabelon for henvisninger til tekster


Du henviser til tekster ved enten 1) at angive linjenummeret eller minuttalsangivelsen i en fodnote eller ved 2) at sætte linjenummeret eller minuttalsangivelsen i parentes inde i din tekst:

Ved én linje: l. 34

Ved flere linjer: ll. 35-37

Ved minuttalsangivelse: 01:23-02:12

I fodnoter angives:

Opslag i bog

“Hvad er et ‘utælleligt ord’?”. Helle Brieghel og Dorthe Chalotte Hansen. Engelsk Grundgrammatik. Questions and Answers. Systime 2010. p. 47.

Opslag i elektronisk opslagsværk

“Utællelige substantiver”. Thomas Boesen og Sarah Barding. Engram. Minlaering 2019. (

Artikel fra bog eller antologi

“Post-Modernism”. Gitte Vest Barkholt and Jørgen Døssing Jepsen. A Short History of Literature in English. A Handbook. Systime 2010. pp. 79-93.

Tekster i opgavesættet

Teksternes ortografi og tegnsætning følger forlæggene. Trykfejl er dog rettet.
Opsætningen følger ikke nødvendigvis forlæggene. Dog følges forlægget nøje, hvor opsætningen på den ene eller anden måde indgår i opgaven.

Vejledning til opgavesættet

Du skal besvare følgende opgaver:

  • Assignment 1-5
  • I Assignment 5 skal du vælge A eller B

Tekster til Assignment 5:

5A – Fiction:

“Salt”, a short story by Jen Knox, 2019.

5B – Non-fiction:

THEY, an excerpt from the memoir by Sarfraz Manzoor, 2021. 


Vejledning og skabelon til at løse opgaven
Den samlede eksaminationstid for Assignment 1-5 er 5 timer. Besvarelsen bedømmes som en helhed ud fra de faglige mål for niveauet. Der lægges vægt på beherskelsen af det engelske sprog, forståelse af forlægget og færdighed i skriftlig fremstilling på engelsk.

Det anbefales, at du skriver din besvarelse i skabelonen, som ligger under Template i menuen til venstre. Besvarelsen afleveres i ét dokument med opgaverne i rækkefølgen 1-5.

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